Botty McBotface Dreams Up a Barbie Themed Beer

via GPT3/davinci, I asked Botty to give me a description of a Barbie themed beer for the movie release.

This limited edition Barbie Doll Beer is a decadent treat for Barbie fans everywhere. It is a light and refreshing blonde ale that has been brewed with a delicious blend of malts and hops to give it a unique flavor. The beer is lightly carbonated and has a sweet, creamy finish. The beer is aged in oak barrels for a smooth, mellow taste. The beer is adorned with a custom label featuring an illustration of a Barbie Doll in her signature pink dress, with the wordsBarbie Movie Release written in a classic font. The beer is a perfect addition to your Barbie Movie night, and is sure to be a hit with Barbie fans everywhere.

I then took that description and fed it into Midjourney, to produce, these: