Mets On Tap Episode 19

Mets stein filled with cream colored beer, with a small head, next to a tan can of Alementary Work boots and two doll shoes in front of it

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Michael and Jason against discuss pitching, or the lack thereof. They also discuss the Mets approach at the plate, or the lack thereof.

Lots of pondering about what’s going wrong, energy levels, fatigue, and some extra Botty to make up for it. Botty jumps in near the end for a longer review of a different beer she’s drinking.

Here’s a sample image that the VQGAN+CLIP machine learning tool generated for a Botty avatar. It’s real funky, but I’m having fun.

VQGAN+CLIP of Botty. weird rounded chrome robot shape listening on a phone and with a beer in front of it


  • Michael: Alementary Work Boots
  • Jason: Oskar Blues Death By Flapjacks
  • Botty McBotface: Conductor’s Craft by The Beer Employees

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