Mets On Tap Episode 48 The Mascot Family Foodie Episode

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After a little noisy check-in with Michael from Citi Field, Jason, Jake and Chris discuss all manner of happy Mets stuff, from cats, to pools, to why Chip Ambres won’t return Chris’ calls.

They also discuss Dominic Smith’s demotion, the lingering injuries of some various Mets players, and try to find something to be grumpy about.

Here are some shots of the Citi Field scoreboard Michael was talking about.

Mark Canha’s instagram is awash with great food photos.

Which other mascots have families? I remember a “Billy the Kid” Marlin kid, but I can’t seem to find him, but it does appear that Mr. Redlegs has a wife named Rosie and dog named Gapper.

I also stumbled upon Francisco Lindor lightsaber dueling the Astro’s mascot Orbit, so obviously gotta share that.

If you want us to mention what YOU are drinking during next Tuesday Night’s Mets games, give us a tweet around 8:30 or so @BarleyProse and we’ll include you.

Michael: Radiant Pig Save The Robots IPA
Chris: Rusty Rail Strange Love
Jake: La Cumbre Elevated IPA
Jason: Middle Ages Swallow Wit
Botty McBotface: Goose Island Honkers Ale

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