Mets On Tap Episode 4

Lollihop beer poured into a Dugout Mugs mug which is a polished authentic Mets bat hollowed out into a mug

On tap today is Michael, Chris and Jason talking about beer, local breweries, about beer at minor league stadiums and at Citi Field.  We also touch on rule changes, Shohei Ohtani and the DH.

We recorded this during as the last few innings of Wednesday night’s Mets Phillies game became outings, and talked a little bit about what was going on live, which included some nice insurance runs, and of course plenty of Brandon Nimmo love.

Michael brought up, to Jason and Chris’ confusion, but don’t worry it’s insane and worth checking out. Go Hellmouth Sunbeams! Stare into the sun!


Michael: Troegs Lollihop

Chris: Battle Street Hoppy Conductor NEIPA

Jason: Saranac Always Hazy Peach IPA

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