Mets On Tap Episode 53 Mets Are Mismanaging Mr. Redlegs Injury

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Michael’s a little grumpy in this one, getting on specialty hats, minor league team names, and questioning whether or not the players or the organization are running the show.

We mock Mr. Redlegs a bit, talk about rehab starts, and enjoy Max Scherzer being back.

There’s some Francisco Álvarez talk, and roster stuff in general, before getting into playoff format, expansion, and overall scheduling issues MLB seems to have.

AIf you want us to mention what YOU are drinking during next Tuesday Night’s Mets games, give us a tweet around 8:30 or so @BarleyProse and we’ll include you.

Michael: Big Day Brewing Secret 7
Jason: Genesee Tropical Pineapple Kolsch
Botty McBotface: PBR, Busch Light, and Vodka

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