Mets On Tap Episode 58, The Second Inning Exit

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Michael and Jason talk pitcher injuries, the lineup, and Brett Baty. We muse about how the Mets are handling injuries, who’s going to be available to pitch in October and perhaps some creative ways to deploy them.

We talk about beers, Citi Field, and the brewery at the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium, Maimonides Park. Coney Island Brewery is actually owned by Boston Beer Company now. They’ve been around a while though. Mermaid Pils because of the Mermaid Parade.

We will be skipping an episode next week, but hopefully we can get a beer-heavy discussion going about Non-Alcoholic beers that we can drop in later. Stay tuned.

Michael: Von Trapp Oktoberfest
Jason: Athletic Brewing Closer By The Mile
Botty McBotface: Wine Gums and 40s.

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