Mets On Tap Episode 52 Who’s The Red’s GM?

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Chris, Jake and Jason discuss how nice it is to have padded the division lead early, so that these recent struggles don’t bury the Mets.  There’s some talk of Yard Goats and Rumble Ponies off of the news about Scherzer and deGrom working their way back.

Then some talk about the Reds, Luis Castillo, and shoring up the rotation going forward while looking at the schedule and how the Mets will start getting to play some lesser teams more often.

Finally, some talk about brawls and also looking forward to Old Timer’s Day.

If you want us to mention what YOU are drinking during next Tuesday Night’s Mets games, give us a tweet around 8:30 or so @BarleyProse and we’ll include you.

Jason: Long Trail Blackberry Wheat
Chris: New York Beer Project Liquid Birthday Cake
Jake: La Cumbre Trail Hazard
Botty McBotface: Stella

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