Mets On Tap Episode E7

This would’ve been episode 7 of Mets On Tap, but instead it’s an apology from Michael that he forgot to hit record. BOOOO.

There was a lot of fun tonight, I think we really started getting the hang of this. We talked about the Mets game in progress, Donnie and Chili, the Opener, peach beers, announcers and the camera people needing to get their vaccines.



Michael: Alementary Mr Stevens (head of catering on the Death Star)

Chris: K2 Brothers Lemonade Cookie Sour IPA

Jason: Ommegang Apripêche

Botty: Los Osos Huckleberry Wheat by the Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Mets On Tap Episode 6

Jeff McNeil hit a home run during the game we recorded this during, so yay Jeff!

Tonight we talked about the Mets offense, turning points and Jacob deGrom.

We touched on minor league baseball, independent leagues versus affiliated ball, about Goses, checked in with Botty McBotface, and were disappointed live by the Mets game.


  • Chris: Genesee Ruby Red Kolsch
  • Jason: Brooklyn Brown Ale
  • Michael: Alementary Cuddly Whiskers

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Mets On Tap Episode 5

Michael, Jason and Jake discuss the live Mets Cubs game, doubleheaders, blackout rules, smoothie beers and homebrew, and Francisco Lindor.

Botty McBotface makes an appearance, weighing in on its thoughts on the 2021 Mets. Maybe some text to speech to follow?


  • Jake: Chillway Brewing Homebrew NEIPA
  • Jason: Saranac Weekend Warrior Juicy Ale
  • Michael: Bolero Snort Tlalocow Fruited Sour

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Mets On Tap Episode 4

On tap today is Michael, Chris and Jason talking about beer, local breweries, about beer at minor league stadiums and at Citi Field.  We also touch on rule changes, Shohei Ohtani and the DH.

We recorded this during as the last few innings of Wednesday night’s Mets Phillies game became outings, and talked a little bit about what was going on live, which included some nice insurance runs, and of course plenty of Brandon Nimmo love.

Michael brought up, to Jason and Chris’ confusion, but don’t worry it’s insane and worth checking out. Go Hellmouth Sunbeams! Stare into the sun!


Michael: Troegs Lollihop

Chris: Battle Street Hoppy Conductor NEIPA

Jason: Saranac Always Hazy Peach IPA

Mets On Tap Episode 3

Why was the first player I thought of with number 3 Damien Easley? I digress..

Michael, Chris and Jason discuss the Mets so far, just after the LOB debacle Wednesday afternoon.  There’s some mind-boggling at Luis Rojas, some discussion of Opening Day attendence rituals, and some Shea Stadium talk too.

This is the Thin Mint/Thick Mint post Michael referenced.

We again mention low calorie IPAs, beers at the ballpark, and a few other things. Give it a listen!


  • Chris: Other Half NEIPA
  • Jason: Southern Tier 2x IPA
  • Michael: Five Boroughs Look Both Ways DDH DIPA

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Mets On Tap Episode 2

It’s almost Opening Day, pending Nationals Covid contact tracing, so here’s a new podcast from your friends at Barley Prose. Today Michael, Chris, Jake and Jason discuss Opening Day, Irish Beers and Mikkeller NYC, baseball stadiums and our hopes and dreams for this baseball season.

Lindor signed his extension right after we recorded, so we were as of yet unaware of that, just like we were unaware that Opening Day was going to get canceled.


Jake: Second Street Brown Ale

Chris: WhichCraft Much Love: Strawberry Basil Lemonade Sour

Jason: Guinness

Michael: Alementary B’Wizzle Barleywine.


NEW Podcast: Mets On Tap Episode Mookie

Welcome to the first episode of Mets On Tap. Bear with us as we settle into a format, pick music and artwork, stretch out our arms to drink a whole game, and figure this stuff out.  Please reach out with comments to

This episode we start out by talking about some beers we’re drinking, the Mets rotation going into the season, fans in the stands, Noah Syndergaard extensions and much more.



Michael: Plank-Bier Dunkler Weizenbock

Jason: Bell’s Light Hearted Ale

Chris: Beer Tree Edge Of The Earth

Thick Mint? Thin Mint? The Perfect Cookie And Beer Pairing?

I mean, how could I not make this pairing? Thin mints and thick mints? Mints! I love mint.

These are fresh Thin Mints, courtesy of my daughter. The Thick Mint is from Southern Tier, and is technically a few years old, though it’s a mint stout so it’s fine. A little flatter perhaps, but it tastes fine.

I trust I don’t have to tell you what a thin mint tastes like, but just in case, it tastes like chocolate and mint. It’s pretty decently minty, on top of a chocolate crisp cookie, and enveloped in milk chocolate. It’s not the best cookie in the world, but if you’re as partial to chocolate mint as I am, it’s definitely up there among the non-homemade cookies out there. 

The beer…is not that. And this isn’t one of those gimmicky pastry stouts ‘brewed’ with thin mints in it. But it’s enough to make you think ‘Thin Mint’. It’s definitely a stout, a strong stout, with lots of roasty flavors. It’s got some chocolate notes, but not sweet milk chocolate so much as roasty malt dark chocolate, and it’s all underlaid with a hint of mint. It’s a good beer, and 10%, so it hits you. It’s a little harsher when it’s fresh, 3 years old it’s got a nice mellow cohesiveness that fits it well. 

Bottle of thick mint beer, with a sleeve of thin mints, a cookie garnish, and a cookie on top of the empty bottle

Going TO the cookie from the beer is amazing, the cookie takes all those flavors, and just dials them up, with a crunchy YUM. A nice little punctuation at the end of the flavor. 

Going FROM cookie to beer is less impressive. The sweetness of the cookie seems to mute some of the beer richness, and makes the mint stand out in a more medicinal way that isn’t as pleasant. 

Was this an appropriate way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day? Should I really have drinken a 10% beer and a half sleeve of Thin Mints before bed? Well, who am I to judge?

I think this was a fun pairing, and my beer is gone. I’m still eating the cookies though..

 Ceetar can be found on Twitter and Untappd where he’s got literally a dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies in his basement that need delivering.  You can also email him at

New Mets On Tap Podcast

Barley Prose is creating a new podcast! It’s called Mets On Tap, and will be a casual conversation type podcast about beer and the Mets, and anything else that crops up probably, between 2 or more of the BarleyProse writers, and who knows, maybe some guests too.

No other specific agenda or schedule at this time, probably short bite sized episodes. I imagine it as like, the twenty minutes of conversation you’d have with a friend you ran into at Citi Field just before the game started.

So stay tuned! I’m using this episode to push the feed to everywhere I can think of that it needs to go, but feel free to reach out with any suggestions, or predictions, or what not.


Spring Training – But My Liver is in Midseason Form (also enjoy a Biscotti beer!)

Well, what with the impending return of warmer weather, and, dare I say it, an increased ability to socially comingle with actual people in actual drinking situations, it seems like a proper time to start to loosen up and get into midseason form.  A spring training, if you will.

Oh, wait.  I drank beer all winter.  I’m already stretched out like a marathon runner here!

Still, my ambitions are larger than just “drink beer in 2021.”  Though that in and of itself is a lofty goal.

My goal for 2021 is to write more.  I try new beers all the time — whether it be at my favorite local watering holes or in my weekly selections from the local food jobber.  I take photos of them all the time, too — and if you follow our delightfully irreverent (that’s the word, right?  not irrelevant?) Instagram account you’d see that as well.  So, all that’s left is to put my sorry ass thoughts to words and paper and share them with the world.  I have a gift and it’d be abuse to not share it with you!

Take, for example, this beer right here.  Now, don’t literally take it.  It’s an image on a device of some kind.  (Dumbass.)

I had this beer last weekend after a morning five mile run with my local run club, where we start and ended our run at Now and Later.

A morning beer!  A breakfast beer!  Which of course, really, just means “a beer that is consumed at breakfast time.”

This beer was a real liver stomper from Evil Twin Brewing, based out of beloved Queens, NY.  I enjoyed it fully.   Described officially as an “imperial stout brewed with coffee and with almond and vanilla added,” at least ITBMCBB*, I found it dark and rich with a predominantly coffee taste but noticeable amounts of those flavors.  Even for a palatine Phillistine like myself, I could discern the variances.  Paired nicely with breakfast pizza from the local gas station (don’t judge me.  DON’T.).  And at 11.3% ABV it held a wallop.

I slugged this down and then did my weekly grocery shopping, wishing for much of that errand that I could just lie down on the floor of Wegmans and summon groceries into my cart using the persuasive power of coffee beer buzz and positive mindedness.  But alas and alack.

Nonetheless, recommended!  And perhaps, also, the beauty of bellying up to the bar and beholding a wonderous sight as this:

I get all verklempt just looking at it, to tell you the truth.

Speaking of Queens, NY, stay tuned for updates about a potential podcast discussing all things beer and Mets baseball related!  Starring your favorite non-botty Barley Prose contributors.