Mets On Tap Episode 15

fake purple rose sticking out of a Grimm Flower Record can next to a ceramic blue and orange Mets glass

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Jason, Michael and Chris talk turn of the century Mets teams, Bobby Valentine, lineup construction, and a lot of comparing bench guys then to bench guys now, and spicy beers.

We referenced the Matt Franco game, but did not elaborate on the details, which most of you know, but for completeness’s sake, it was July 10th, 1999. The Yankees, up 8-7 with 2 outs after a Henderson walk and an Alfonzo double, elected to give Mike Piazza intentional ball four to face Matt Franco pinch-hitting for Melvin Mora, who ripped a single between first and second to score the two runs. Mets had a 28% win expectancy in that moment.  Pat Mahomes got the win, pitching a scoreless top-9 with 2 walks.

We talked about Bobby  Valentine liking flexible guys–Matt Franco played RF, 1B, LF, 3B, DH, and P in 1999.


  • Jason: Sierra Nevada Summer Break
  • Michael: Grimm Flower Record
  • Chris: Old Nation Boss Tweed
  • Botty McBotface:Steamworks Pacific Ale, Breakfast Sandwich.

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