Mets On Tap Episode 10

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We talked a bit about uniform numbers.  Do YOU know who’s currently wearing number 10? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Some lavish praise of Jacob deGrom and all the fun statistics we’ve seen about him, as well as this Pitching Ninja overlay of his slider/fastball to Domingo Leyba.

We also discuss some ‘old man yells at cloud’ stuff, mostly the stupid new rules MLB has, and the advertising on the back of the mound. Prompted by the discussion of Wednesday’s game being on YouTube, and not SNY.

Brief mention of LearnedLeague, a competitive trivia league we’re all in.


  • Jason: Sierra Nevada Wanderland Nectarine Ale
  • Jake: Armadillo Ale Works Land Yacht IPA
  • Chris: Corona
  • Michael: Duclaw Brewing Sour Me Unicorn Farts
  • Botty McBotface: Alcohol

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One thought on “Mets On Tap Episode 10”

  1. Heading to Houston just after the All-Star Break, Astros are on the road though.

    For sure hitting up 8th Wonder, which is near where I’ll be staying with friends (all out of towners, from New Jersey oddly enough) but will keep eye, and palate, open for local brews!

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