Mets On Tap Episode 9

An in-focus shot of Citi Field from high above teh third base dugout, with an out of focus hazy IPA in a Mets plastic cup in the foreground

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Today we talked a lot about the ballpark experience, as all three of us had recently visited minor or major league parks. Michael imparts knowledge about Citi Field and the beer selection, which might actually be better in the minors. Hop Valley’s Bubble Stash was the Coors owned product Michael kept butchering.  There was also plenty of hard seltzer at the ballpark.

There was some talk of bullpens, of offense or lack thereof, and of the games this week.

We briefly got into it about whether or not replay is about reviewing when a base stealer slightly comes off the bag, but we ran out of time to really dig in deep. More to come on that for sure.


  • Jason:New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Xperimental IPA #3
  • Chris:  City Roots Original Dry Cider
  • Michael: MAD Brewery Brown Ale (homebrew)
  • Botty: Booze Brewery’s Gose

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