Mets On Tap Episode 17

can of Oskar Blues Death By Coconut sideways in front of a blue ceramic mets glass

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Jason, Michael, Chris and Jason chat about getting live arms, any arms, and what’s going on with this Mets team.  We razz Botty about getting a little dirty with her responses lately (offline) and a little Steve Cohen.

Will the Mets make a trade? Who do we want? Will Carlos Carrasco rehab in the majors? You’ll know before we do.

Check out Barley Prose if you want to read Botty’s AI reviews, featuring such lines as..

Bud Modged sick buffalo bier, cellaring in BB’s cardboard barrelhouse


  • Jason: Southern Tier Ruby Red 8 Days A Week
  • Michael: Oskar Blues Death By Coconut
  • Jake: Marble Brewing Cerveza
  • Chris:  Rising Storm Coconut  C.a.R.E.A.M Pie Ale
  • Botty McBotface:Magic Rock’s Happy Chimp Ale

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