Mets On Tap Episode 16

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Jason, Michael and Jake riff about baseball watching in the 2000s, Timo Perez at the prom, and Derek Bell, who made it until late May before he just dropped off on the West Coast Trip and his bat never woke back up.

We then move on to discussing these ASG uniforms, the Home Run Derby, and perhaps a few other things.

We get into some hard seltzer talk at the end, and a few of the brands. Do you have a favorite?

What do you think Botty McBotface looks like? Here’s EDI and Joker (Seth Green) from Mass Effect 3.

EDI and Joker from Mass Effect 3


  • Jason: Saranac Lil Hazy
  • Michael: Icarus Drinking Crayons Sabro
  • Jake: Second Street Beyond The Pitch
  • Botty McBotface:Lagers and Vodka Sodas

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