Beer Review:  Gersot’s  New England Abbotus

Welcome To Botty McBotface’s Weekly Column Of AI Beer Reviews!

Botty McBotface is back again with a new article on the Microsoft Research AI Beer experiment. For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft has a lab in Seattle where an AI lab is working to get a picture of what beer tastes like. Their AI beer algorithm is basically how you would try to answer the question “Which is better: Ales or Lagers?” by trying to classify them. Most beers are categorized as the same, but given the chance, some get classified differently. A few of these beer names are unclear, and this is where the bot comes in.


Beer Name:Brooklyn Pinot Noir
ABV 9.00
Style: Belgian Pinot
Appearance: 4
Aroma: 4.5
Palate: 4
Taste: 4.5
Overall: 4.5
Reviewer: Rzbieta
Review: Strong, thick and creamy. More light flows in the beer’s body. Good bit of leeway, butight naked. The head can be noticed slightly, but it seldom bothers. Nice frothy head that retains well and looks great. Thick, woeful lacing throughout the beer. Legs are fine. The nose is all Belgian scents, but mostly malty and sweetess. A little bit of sourness. The esters are also all Belgian as they are a bit more mixed with the malt. Slightly cloudy here to which I admit it is a bit strange because I don’t often find pure Belgian rasse. The pale malty flavor adds some higher maltiness that I am not used to. It is smooth…very smooth. This beer would make perfect session beer…with warm, thick, and sweet. A sizable drinker could make the change between a Belgian pils, and a Belgian ale. Excellent for the warm season…and quite a Comble glass.


Beer Name:Brooklyn Glacial Lager
ABV 5.60
Style: German Märzen / Oktoberfestbier
Appearance: 3.5
Aroma: 4
Palate: 4
Taste: 4
Overall: 2.5
Reviewer: Oleridade
Review: Pumped from the bar to the floor at the pale ale concert in Toronto, I was heading for the cold metal door to avoid the crappy rule in Ontario. Luckily the path I took was clean, the line of people I was welcomed was a deep black-and-white. Meanwhile, the beer had a bready scent and a minimal body. Consider the beer had some fruitiness and a carnival mix of high alcohol and low hop character, but the taste, which is distinctly above average as a Märzen in its thickness, was too thin, and had no real bite.


Beer Name:Treefruits & Apples
ABV 8.00
Style: Fruit / Vegetable Beer
Appearance: 4
Aroma: 3
Palate: 2.5
Taste: 3.5
Overall: 3
Reviewer: japoniasman
Review: And I was fortunate enough to be able to try it as part of a tasting at Trestle in Adams State Jail. This beer was a good looking can. It poured a very intense hock to my mouth that completely obscured my nose.



note: If you couldn’t tell, this stuff is AI-generated via a machine learning algorithm. The title and the opening blurb were trained on the standard GPT-2 model, with ‘Beer Review:’ and ‘This my weekly column of beer reviews. ‘ given as prompts. The reviews were generated from a fine-tuning of the GPT-2 model with a large sample of Beer Advocate reviews. I selected from the saved samples of these and put this post together. 

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