Mets On Tap Episode 9

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Today we talked a lot about the ballpark experience, as all three of us had recently visited minor or major league parks. Michael imparts knowledge about Citi Field and the beer selection, which might actually be better in the minors. Hop Valley’s Bubble Stash was the Coors owned product Michael kept butchering.  There was also plenty of hard seltzer at the ballpark.

There was some talk of bullpens, of offense or lack thereof, and of the games this week.

We briefly got into it about whether or not replay is about reviewing when a base stealer slightly comes off the bag, but we ran out of time to really dig in deep. More to come on that for sure.


  • Jason:New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Xperimental IPA #3
  • Chris:  City Roots Original Dry Cider
  • Michael: MAD Brewery Brown Ale (homebrew)
  • Botty: Booze Brewery’s Gose

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This Mets Fan Group Has It’s Own Beer At The Ballpark

Tasting the new United We Cheers beer from The 7 Line Army and MIkkeller NYC.

The 7 Line Army is an offshoot of the T-shirt company created by Darren Meenan that sells creative fan merchandise for Mets games. It’s a dedicated group of fans that have outings and tailgates at the park, and often travel to other parks as well, bringing a dedicated cheering section on the road is something that’s pretty neat, and something the ballplayers definitely notice and appreciate.

They recently teamed up with Mikkeller NYC, a brewery that’s actually attached to Citi Field, to create a special beer called United We Cheers, utilizing Mikkeller’s unique artwork style. It’s a 4.3% German Pilsner, which really makes it an excellent tailgating beer that’s pretty drinkable by most beer drinkers, perhaps even especially non-craft ones.

I stopped at Mikkeler before Opening Day and had a can of it. I also had a delicious Hill Farmstead IPA, but that’s not why we’re here.

The beer had that light sulfury smell many Pilsners do, and a bit of lightly warmed bread. The taste matched that well, crisp, a bit of light phenols from the hops and some of that sulfur taste from the water chemistry. The hop bitterness is present and accounted for, that spicy/peppery noble hop varieties that are typical of the style. It’s full flavored and not at all watery. If the hop varieties were different, you might even call it a session IPA, but noble hops are more crowd pleasing.

This is a beer I’d be happy to drink all day watching or playing sports. It’s a great drinking beer.