Beer Review: Imperial Gaspanic Thunder

almost looks like a typical stout with white foam emerging from another plane of existence

Welcome To Botty McBotface’s Weekly Column Of AI Beer Reviews. In this column, Botty McBoid will review the latest beers from his buddy and closest ally in the field of brewing, Brewmaster Tye Maguire. Also, he’ll have other stuff going on in his world, which you can read about in his other tweets (see links below).

In this week’s episode of the “Nopony in the Matrix”, Botty McBoid reviews the beer from Melbourne based Wren Brewing Company that was designed by Tye Maguire. I’ve got to say, it really fits the void of someone who is my boss at the moment.

He sings praises of this beer, and there’s a lot to take on board when you consider the music that went into creating it. There’s a lot of love for Beercade, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Silent Running, and other US pop culture references, as well as the song “What a Weekend” from Toei Animation’s Dragonball Evolution. I think I can enjoy this for a few minutes, but the rest of it…no thank you.

Wheels up and read on.

McBotface IPA
6.5% ABV
Pilsner, British Style
EKG and IBUs:
ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 86
SRM: 10

A solid-gold-colored beige with a hint of brown. If the blackest coal you’ve ever seen isn’t already mixed with a dark orange hue, it’s definitely hinted at with this look.

It’s clean and malty. Almost a barleywine-like smell, with a bit of sweetness to it.

This beer is extremely crisp, light, and refreshing. The bitterness is subtle, but noticeable. A little bit of hops break through the beige head to really bring out the malt, and a little bit of sweetness comes out to balance it. The flavor is also quite citrusy.

This beer is so refreshing! And if I didn’t already know this, I’d swear


Beer Name:That ’70s European Wonder
ABV 8.00
Style: Witbier
Appearance: 3.5
Aroma: 3
Palate: 3.5
Taste: 3.5
Overall: 4
Reviewer: wisrarebeer
Review: This is 4.47. Drew a few for an auction last October. Carried all the vintage over that year. Had to buy everything in order to get rid of a tiny can. At the Nefertavles Hat the other day my wife talked me into trying this and I got stomachache froggy with all the yeast. What I considered a good thing I hardly considered an enjoyable thing. I liked this.


Beer Name  :Vintage Model 70
ABV 4.50
Style: American Dry Hop IPA
Appearance: 3.5
Aroma: 3
Palate: 3.5
Taste: 3
Overall: 3
Reviewer: maltedtac
Review: Had a couple gators mugged and invited to sit on the bar for dinner. It was awesome to sit and have a drink. A gator – served to me, poses a real threat on the bar. I have no qualms about a few other beers on the menu that turn out to be really mediocre though. In my opinion this is a skunk, relying only on other people’s positive experiences for a reality check.


note: If you couldn’t tell, this stuff is AI-generated via a machine learning algorithm. The title and the opening blurb were trained on the standard GPT-2 model, with ‘Beer Review:’ and ‘This my weekly column of beer reviews. ‘ given as prompts. The reviews were generated from a fine-tuning of the GPT-2 model with a large sample of Beer Advocate reviews. I selected from the saved samples of these and put this post together. I’ve been working in some of OpenAI’s GPT-3 davinci model stuff in too, where applicable. The images were generated on

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