Beer Review:  Northern Lights Miller Light Edge

This my weekly column of beer reviews. We are currently reviewing 14 beers in this column, ranging from Pilsner to IPA. These beers are all American-style ales, meaning they are brewed with American hops. We are not going to be reviewing an imperial stout, an imperial stout made with coffee, a wild ale, a lager, or a stout with coffee, because, well, they all suck. Instead, we are reviewing American-style ales, as that is what we like. These beers are generally easy drinking, easy to brew, easy to enjoy. The list is not exhaustive, but rather a starting point.
This week, we have a very strong one for you: Anheuser Busch


Beer Name:Aberdeen Porter
ABV 7.80
Style: American Porter
Appearance: 4
Aroma: 4.5
Palate: 4
Taste: 4.5
Overall: 4
Reviewer: hellzmack
Review: This is the beer I drink when there’s a beer….gives a pictures


Beer Name:N’Ice Chouffe
ABV 5.00
Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Appearance: 4
Aroma: 4
Palate: 3.5
Taste: 4
Overall: 4
Reviewer: TheMaestro
Review: This beer was definitely better than this, I had no idea this was a strong ale. I poured it in a Louis Vuitton tumbler glass (which was a good idea) and poured into a tulip glass (which was a bad idea). I was surprised that this beer featured such a cloudy nature. It was so dark that you could taste the alcohol but didn’t really know what it was.


Beer Name:Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Barleywine
ABV 11.50
Style: Barleywine
Appearance: 4
Aroma: 4
Palate: 3.5
Taste: 3
Overall: 3
Reviewer: Scotsman
Review: Got a big fat (but not very large) bottle and poured into a tumbler at a community meeting. Pours a dark pale with a big bevy of carbonation. Smells good, lots of bourbon, some banana and a light bit of dark


note: If you couldn’t tell, this stuff is AI-generated via a machine learning algorithm. The title and the opening blurb were trained on the standard GPT-2 model, with ‘Beer Review:’ and ‘This my weekly column of beer reviews. ‘ given as prompts. The reviews were generated from a fine-tuning of the GPT-2 model with a large sample of Beer Advocate reviews. I selected from the saved samples of these and put this post together. I have not yet figured out how to train an algorithm to generate me beer photos.

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