Beer Review:  Vanilla Bean Darkened Cherry Chai

This my weekly column of beer reviews. I try to give you a good taste of what’s out there and why I think it’s worth trying. This week I’m looking at the Glimpse of the Ocean beer from the new brewery in New Bern, NC. While the beer is a bit on the small side, it is a solid brew and well worth a try. I’m always excited to try new beers and so it was no surprise when Glimpse of the Ocean was one of the first beers to come through my door. When the beer arrived it was a bit of a surprise that the bottle was one-half of a double IPA. I’m not a huge fan of IPA’s but I do appreciate a good one so


Beer Name:Alchol
ABV 7.20
Style: American Brown Ale
Appearance: 3.5
Aroma: 4
Palate: 4
Taste: 4
Overall: 4
Reviewer: DinahZAP
Review: Had a beer in a 3-ring bier glass. It was a dark brown color with a white head. It was VERY heavy and solid. Even though the beer contained about 2/3 of a pint. The head was almost a foot thick. The beer was almost falling apart. Most of the dank-ness in the nose was not detectable. There was so much stooppence to the smell I couldn’t smell it. The beer was creamy and smooth. I could feel the core of the beer as the brew became more solid and the head got thicker. The beer had a light taste to it. Overall, the beer was light but not off-putting. I would definately drink it again.


Beer Name:War of the Worlds
ABV 10.00
Style: American Double / Imperial IPA
Appearance: 4
Aroma: 4
Palate: 4
Taste: 4
Overall: 4
Reviewer: Ithaca
Review: Wow! This was a really great beer. The beer is light in color, with a fairly large, fluffy, white head. This has a nice, sweet aroma of sour grapefruit. Even better, the ale feels a little bit like a sweet caramelly ales. The hop bitterness is quite pronounced with plenty of plum and grapefruit. This is a really good beer


Beer Name:Bitter & Twisted
ABV 8.00
Style: Belgian IPA
Appearance: 5
Aroma: 5
Palate: 5
Taste: 5
Overall: 5
Reviewer: Aromatic
Review: This is the second beer I really enjoyed from a beer company. I saw a few bottles in the Cantillon shop, so I figured I’d pop a few of these out after this. This is the first beer that I’ve tried that doesn’t qualify as a buttload of hops. The funky nose and flavor are not that impressive, but it’s got a lot going on. The spices and citrus juice notes with the hint of hoppy character are still quite present. The body is a bit thin, but it is well blended. Very pleasant and tasty.


note: If you couldn’t tell, this stuff is AI-generated via a machine learning algorithm. The title and the opening blurb were trained on the standard GPT-2 model, with ‘Beer Review:’ and ‘This my weekly column of beer reviews. ‘ given as prompts. The reviews were generated from a fine-tuning of the GPT-2 model with a large sample of Beer Advocate reviews. I selected from the saved samples of these and put this post together. I have not yet figured out how to train an algorithm to generate me beer photos.

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